Digital Maps

For those who do not need physical (paper) maps, we also offer digital-only map design services.  Your digital map will be designed using the same techniques we use for our printed maps, but you can choose how you want to use and display the map.  Our custom map designs include the following standard features:

  • Branded maps will include your company name, logo, and contact information
  • Each map is focused on the area of interest you select
  • Your choice of recreational activity markers and points of interest

We also offer the following optional features:

  • GPS-enabled smartphone companion map


Digital Map Packages

Digital maps are licensed for particular types of use, as described in our pricing guide below.

For websitesFor printingBest for all-around use and large format printing.
Limited License (web-only). Not to be used for printing or sales.Limited License (print-only). Not to be used for web or sales.Royalty-free license with no restrictions on use. May be used for print, web, sales and marketing.
Low-resolution imageMedium-resolution imageHigh-resolution image
GPS-enabled companion map
(1) Poster sized print
3 revisions3 revisions4 revisions
Price above includes initial design time, as noted in pricing guide. If additional design time is needed, an additional fee of $80/hr will be added.

Ask OffTheGridMaps to design a custom map for your business or special event.