Retail Partners

Thank you for your interest in becoming a retail partner!  We look forward to designing OffTheGridMaps that are focused on areas and activities that are important to you and your customers.  Our custom map designs include the following standard features:

  • Branded maps will include your company name, logo, and contact information
  • Each map is focused on the area of interest you select
  • Your choice of recreational activity markers and points of interest

We also offer the following optional features:

  • GPS-enabled smartphone companion map


Printed Map Packages

We offer our retail partners 2 packages for printed OffTheGridMaps.

Single-sidedDouble-sided. Full-size map on one side, custom text (or another map) on reverse side
Folded into 4"x10" brochureYour choice of 4"x5" pocket-sized map, or 4"x10" brochure
Medium-weight, glossy paperHeavy-weight, glossy paper
3 revisions4 revisions
MSRP = $6.99/mapMSRP = $8.49/map
Wholesale and quantity discounts availableWholesale and quantity discounts available
All printed map orders require a minimum of 50 units (sheets). Price above includes initial design time, as noted in pricing guide. If additional design time is needed, an additional fee of $80/hr will be added.

Ready for us to start working on your new map?

Wholesale Pricing

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing to all of our resellers.

Because each map we design and print is for a specific customer, we often print in small batches (50-250).  And if you’ve ever worked with a commercial printer, you know that printing costs are driven by volume… the more you print, the cheaper the price per unit gets.  Because of this, we’ve found that 50 maps per order is the minimum number needed for cost effective printing.  However, as your order volume goes up, we’ll pass savings on to you with added volume discounts.  Please read on to learn more about the discount rates that we offer our partners.

Our wholesale discounts are offered to retail partners based on the total quantity placed in a single order.  You can combine multiple map locations in to a single order (minimum 25 per location), which makes it easier for you to reach wholesale price breaks.

The discount rates show below are cumulative, based on the total number of maps in a single order:

Wholesale Partner DiscountVolume DiscountTotal Discount
Quantity: 50-9935%35%
Quantity: 100-250+ 10%45%
Quantity: 250++ 5%50%

Below are a few samples, based on the minimum order quantities to achieve each break point.

Map TypeQuantity OrderedDiscount RateMSRPYour Cost
Map TypeQuantity OrderedDiscount RateMSRPYour Cost


Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer maps on a 16″ x 10″ page size.  Depending on the orientation of each map, we will design and print your map in either portrait or landscape format.  When delivered, each map is folded to 4″ x 10″ panels, which just happens to fit perfectly into standard size brochure stands.

Our maps are printed on high-quality “trail map” paper, the same you will find at your local ski resort.  While not waterproof or tear resistant, they do hold up well in light rain or snow.  If you absolutely need waterproof or tear resistant paper, we’d be happy to give you a quote, but it is typically quite costly when printing small quantities.