Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in partnering with OffTheGridMaps!  We work with local retailers and events to design one-of-a-kind, branded maps that “tells the story” you want to share with your customers, and highlights key points of interest for of the activities they want to know more about.

Our branded and logo’d maps are specifically designed for each business partner, making them great sales and marketing tools because they:

  • Prominently feature your company name, logo, and contact information (like address, phone, email, website).
  • Show the key points of interest your customers need to know about for their upcoming adventure.
  • Are zoomed into your specific area of interest, giving you the highest level of detail possible.

Ask OffTheGridMaps to design a custom map for your next outdoor adventure or special event.

Our Products

OffTheGridMaps offers a variety of printed and digital maps and posters.  Choose from topographic maps or 3D terrain maps, all customized to highlight recreational activities that are important to you and your customers.  For more information on our print and design services, please visit our pricing pages for:

Retail Maps

Interested in having custom, branded,  and logo’d maps printed and delivered for sale in your store? Become part of our reseller program and we’ll design a one-of-a-kind map that your customers will love.

Digital Products

Don’t need a printed map? We also offer digital map or poster design services, giving you the flexibility to choose how to use the finished product.

What design services do you offer?

Map Design Services


Tired of outdated paper maps without enough detail for the area you’ll be exploring?

To ensure that all OffTheGridMaps show you what you need for your next adventure, we start by collecting the best available data sources of public and private lands, waterbodies, transportation, terrain, and more.  Then we overlay a comprehensive set of recreation-based points of interest like fishing access, boat launches, campgrounds, and hiking trails. Finally, we thoughtfully color-code and shade each layer, resulting in highly detailed and easily readable maps.

GPS Enable

Want to find your exact location on your custom map?  Now you can with our GPS-enabled smartphone companion maps!

Let’s face it… we now take our cell phones with us just about everywhere, so why wouldn’t you want to take your GPS-enabled smartphone maps with you, too.  In addition to print maps, OffTheGridMaps digital companion maps use your phone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint your exact location on your digital map, even without cell service!  Now you can rest assured that knowing that you’re on the right path, even where there isn’t one.


When you’re deep in the woods, it’s comforting to know your map won’t run low on batteries.

In addition to our design services, OffTheGridMaps also offers high-quality printed maps for retail sales and special events.  Whether you are a fly fishing guide who wants to show customers where the river put-in’s and take-outs are, a cycling shop who wants to highlight the best nearby trails, or you’re hosting an annual event, OffTheGridMaps is your one-stop shop for high-quality map design and print services.

What additional services do you offer?

Consulting Services

With over 20 years experience in the GIS industry working with spatial data using both ESRI and Open Source GIS software, we’ve got the experience to keep you on the right path.  In addition to our map design services, OffTheGridMaps also offers support services including:

  • ESRI software (ArcMap, ArcSDE, ArcPy, Modelbuilder, Geodatabase)
  • Open source software (QGIS, Postgresql/PostGIS, Python)
  • Spatial database design and management
  • Spatial analysis
  • Data conversion

Please contact us if you have any questions about how we can help your organization.