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About OffTheGridMaps

OffTheGridMaps designs high-resolution maps highlighting the best recreation areas in Montana!

Whether you're fly-fishing, hunting, hiking, or biking in Big Sky country, OffTheGridMaps ensure you get the most accurate, activity-specific points-of-interest needed for your next outdoor adventure.

Explore Like A Local

Ever wish you could put that paper map into your GPS?  Now you can!

When you purchase a printed trail (or river) map from one of our retail partners, you also have the option to download the digital companion map onto your smartphone.  Once downloaded onto your smartphone, you can take the GPS-enabled "copy" of your paper maps into the field and "see" where you are on the map... even without cell service!

OffTheGridMaps also sells GPS-enabled, digital-only, smartphone maps through our map store.

Wall Art

Are you looking for a unique map to display in your home or business?

OffTheGridMaps is now offering large-format, high-resolution wall maps!  Since OffTheGridMaps only creates maps within the state of Montana, we're focusing on designing unique Montana-based maps of either unique areas or unique features, that you won't find anywhere else.  You’ll find these, and new projects, in the Wall Art section of our shop.

Each map is designed for the best resolution, highest level of detail, and scale of the area it covers.  Most maps are designed for a 24"x36" page size, but new maps may range from 18″x24″ to 30″x40″.  We even have one special project measuring 48″x36″!

Are you an Outdoor Industry Professional? We've got an extra special deal for you!

Available Products

Wall Art

OffTheGridMaps is now offering large-format wall maps of popular Montana destination areas!  These high-resolution, detailed maps are rolled (not folded), making them perfect for framing and hanging in your home or office.  Wall maps will be available in a variety of sizes from 18″x24″ to 36″x48″.

Trail & River Maps

OffTheGridMaps sells GPS-enabled smartphone maps that can be used offline, even with no cell service!  Once the GPS-enabled map has been loaded onto your smartphone, you can view your position, record your track, drop pins, and more, right within the app.  And we don’t just offer Trail Maps for hiking, either… we also offer detailed River Maps for fisherman, boaters, and floaters!

Retail Partnerships

For retail partners, we offer custom pocket-sized trail maps, branded and logoed for your business.  We provide all of the design, printing, and delivery, right to your shop.  Don’t need a printed map?  We also offer digital design services to create truly unique maps for use in your multimedia marketing campaigns.

Ready to get your first OffTheGridMaps?

Become a Reseller

Stand out from the crowd by having us design a custom map for your business or upcoming event!

OffTheGridMaps works with local organizations to design one-of-a-kind, branded maps that "tells the story" you want to share with your customers, highlighting key points of interest for of the activities they want to know more about.

Our branded and logo'd maps are specifically designed for each business partner, making them great sales and marketing tools because they:

  • Prominently feature your company name, logo, and contact information (like address, phone, email, website).
  • Show the key points of interest your customers need to know about for their upcoming adventure.
  • Are zoomed into your specific area of interest, giving you the highest level of detail possible.

Below are some of the amazing local businesses and events that OffTheGridMaps has had the honor of partnering with.  Contact us today to learn what kind of map we can design for you.

Want a map for your businesses and event?  We create custom, branded, and logo'd maps for organizations of all sizes.

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