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About OffTheGridMaps

OffTheGridMaps designs high-resolution, hyper-local maps highlighting the best recreation areas Montana has to offer!

Whether you're fly-fishing, hunting, hiking, biking or backcountry skiing in Big Sky country, buying an OffTheGridMaps will ensure you have the best, most accurate, activity-specific points of interest needed for your next outdoor adventure.

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Explore Like A Local

Ever wish you could put that paper map into your GPS?  Or print out your GPS map as a backup?

With OffTheGridMaps, you can!  Our maps can be GPS-enabled (on your smartphone) or printed-at-home.  Each activity has its own custom map style, showing only what you need to see, and nothing that you don't.

Want the best of both worlds?  Take both, there's no extra cost!  Same map - 2 ways to use them.

Are you an Outdoor Industry Professional? We've got an extra special deal for you!

Become a Reseller

Stand out from the crowd by having us design a custom map for your business or upcoming event!

OffTheGridMaps works with local organizations to design one-of-a-kind, branded maps that "tells the story" you want to share with your customers, highlighting key points of interest for of the activities they want to know more about.

Our branded and logo'd maps are specifically designed for each business partner, making them great sales and marketing tools because they:

  • Prominently feature your company name, logo, and contact information (like address, phone, email, website).
  • Show the key points of interest your customers need to know about for their upcoming adventure.
  • Are zoomed into your specific area of interest, giving you the highest level of detail possible.

Below are some of the amazing local businesses and events that OffTheGridMaps has had the honor of partnering with.  Contact us today to learn what kind of map we can design for you.

Want a map for your businesses and event?  We create custom, branded, and logo'd maps for organizations of all sizes.