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Our maps are for information only and may not be used for legal purposes. Distances are approximate and may not be suitable for navigation. The information on this map is derived from numerous sources, and no warranty is provided for the map or its features to be spatially or temporally accurate.

Data Sources

One of the best things about the GIS and mapping industry is the availability of data, especially in the state of Montana.  Government agencies are generally the best source of spatial data, and Montana has a great culture of publicly sharing this data widely and freely.

In order to make the most comprehensive OffTheGridMaps possible, we incorporate data collected from dozens of public and private sources including Federal, State, and local governments and special interest groups.  Some of the key data sources we rely upon to keep our maps up-to-date include:

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OffTheGridMaps wouldn’t be a reality without a lot of support, and access to high-quality, open-source software are immensely valuable to a startup.  We’d like to acknowledge the many people and organizations contribute so much to so many amazing open source applications!  OffTheGridMaps wouldn’t exist without you!

Below we have listed many of the key open-source software packages we use.  The people who contribute to these are amazing, so please support their efforts in bring high quality, low cost software to our community.

Errors and Omissions

While we make every effort to keep our maps accurate and free of errors, most of the information on our maps is derived from other sources.  Unfortunately, that means no warranty is provided for the map or its features to be spatially or temporally accurate.

If you do find an error or omission, please consider contributing your changes or recommendations in these three ways:

  • Contact the source
    If you are familiar with who manages a particular map data source, please contact the authoritative data source as listed above.
  • Contribute to OpenStreetMap
    If you are not already familiar with OpenStreetMap, you should really check it out.  "OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license."  To learn how to contribute to this free global map, please read the OSM Beginners Guide.
  • Contact Us
    Finally, please feel free to contact us and report anything on the map you feel is in error. We'll try to make the changes as soon as possible and contact the source of the data on your behalf.