Why we love maps

Almost everyone loves maps, and since you’re here it’s a good bet that you do to.  And when you look at a map there is one undeniable truth… its either really good, or well… forgettable.

OffTheGridMaps designs are more than “just maps”.  We hope that we you see one of our maps, you’ll find yourself entranced, dreaming of all the past or future adventures you can plan on your map.

What kinds of map products do you offer?

Our Products

OffTheGridMaps offers a variety of printed and digital maps.  We design topographic maps for wall art and trail maps, as well as 3D terrain maps.  All maps are customized to highlight recreational activities that are important to you and your customers.

Wall Art

Our large-format wall maps are designed to be framed and displayed as artwork, so each map is created to show the highest level of detail for the area it covers.  Maps are delivered rolled (not folded), so there are no fold lines to compromise the aesthetic quality of your map.  Wall maps range in size from 18″x24″ to 36″x48″, but most are 24″x36″ for convenient framing.


Wall Maps

Smartphone Maps

Our popular GPS-enabled smartphone maps can be used offline, even with no cell service!  Once your GPS-enabled map has been loaded onto your smartphone, you can see your location, drop pins, and record your track right within the Avenza Maps (free) app.  And we don’t just offer Trail Maps… we also offer detailed River Maps for fisherman, boaters, and floaters!


Trail Maps
River Maps

Partner Maps

OffTheGridMaps works with local retail partners to create 1-of-a-kind “pocket-maps” that are designed exclusively for their business or event. BONUS: When you purchase a printed “pocket map” from our partners, you have the option to download the digital smartphone companion map for FREE.  Now you can take your GPS-enabled “copy” into the woods and always know where you are.

Ask OffTheGridMaps to design a custom map for your next outdoor adventure or special event.