Wholesale Partnership Program

OffTheGridMaps provides beautifully designed wall maps to retailers through our Wholesale Partnership Program.

My unique designs were featured in the October 2022 Flathead Beacon’s Fall Arts Edition, The Art of Cartography.

While most maps are folded up and stuffed into a hikers backpack, we’ve designed our Wall Maps Series to be displayed as art pieces.

Delivered rolled (not folded), our wall maps are popular as gifts that can be framed or mounted and and hung in homes and businesses.

My maps highlight the best of Montana’s rivers, lakes, mountains, and wilderness areas.

Each Map Series is designed with a specific audience in mind.  By adding or removing features, I create a unique style that highlights features that are important to that audience and captures the readers attention.

  • Our River and Lake Map Series highlight put-in’s and take-outs, river access points and river miles, while removing trails.  This provides river lovers with a clean, easy to read view of their favorite rivers.
  • Our Mountains and Wilderness Map Series focuses the users attention on trails, mountain peaks, fire lookouts and other features that are important to hikers and bikers.
  • Our Statewide Map Series provide a minimalist view of a specific topic, highlighting public lands and one key feature like fly-fishing rivers, mountain ranges, or hot springs.

We’ve heard over and over that our customers love our wall maps because they provide a great way to “explore” an area without leaving home.

Their size, scale, and detail allow them to pour over an area and plan a new adventure or reminisce about past experiences in their favorite areas.

Our Wall maps are conveniently sized for off-the-shelf framing and mounting, yet large enough to provide a incredible visual details.  They are available in the following sizes:

  • 18″ x 24″
  • 24″ x 36″

Available Wall Maps

Wholesale Pricing

Our Wholesale Starter Package has a minimum order of just 5 units of a single map (same page size).

Wall Maps may be ordered in counts of 5, 10, or 20 units per map.

Volume-based discounts are available for wholesale orders.  You may also achieve higher volume-based discounts by grouping multiple maps together in a single order.  Minimum orders must be met for each map within the group.

For example, order 2 maps x 5 count = 10 (quantity discount).

Wholesale Partner PackagesQuantitiesVolume Discount18"x24" per unit
(MSRP $50)
24"x36" per unit
(MSRP $65)
Starter (minimum)535%$32.50$42.25

When you place a minimum wholesale wall Maps order, you may choose to receive a ready-to-hang, framed or foam-mounted map for display purposes, at a discounted price.

Wholesale Partner
Display Mounts
(Partner / MSRP)
(Partner / MSRP)
Foam-mounted$45 / $75$60 / $95Included
Framed (wooden)$65 / $95$95 / $125Included

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