Our map of Montana Hot Springs prominently features 30 publicly accessible Montana hot spring resorts, plunges, and pools in Montana.

Hot Springs in Montana

We teamed up with the creators of MontanaHotSprings.net and the Montana Hot Springs Facebook Group to bring you this beautiful, statewide map of Montana hot springs.

How many hot springs are in Montana?

To produce this comprehensive map of all hot springs in Montana, we’ve included all 61 thermal springs in Montana, according to NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

Where can I soak in hot springs in Montana?

To help you discover publicly accessible hot springs in Montana, we’ve created a helpful locator table that lists each hot spring name, temperature (F/C), and whether it is commercial or undeveloped.

How do I find Montana hot springs?

Discover nearby hot springs by using the locators “map grid” (eg-B5) lookup.

Finally, keep track of the hot springs you’ve visited by using the locators handy “check box” feature.

Montana Public Land Access

To make this map really come alive, Montana’s public land ownership is overlaid on high-resolution terrain shading, giving the map a vivid,  3-dimensional look.

Ready for framing

This wall map is printed on museum-quality, semi-gloss paper, making the terrain shading and colors really “pop” off the page.

Maps are delivered rolled, so there are no fold lines to compromise the aesthetic quality of your map.

Minimalist design

I believe every map should tell a story, and great storytellers captivate their audience by making every word count.

Similarly, I resist the urge to “add more”, only adding features that will enhance the story of the map.

My thoughtful approach to design reveals crisp, clean, beautiful maps that draw its viewers into the story each map is telling.

Special Thanks

I’d like to offer a special thanks for reviewing early editions of this map to:

Their feedback ensured that you get the most accurate version of this map possible.

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