Printed Maps

If you would like to purchase high-quality printed maps, we encourage you to visit one of our retail partners.  OffTheGridMaps does not sell printed maps direct to the public.

Yes!  When you purchase a digital map from our website, it is delivered in the PDF file format.  After downloading the PDF map to your computer, you can print the map at home, or take it to a local printer.

Our maps our optimized for printing on 11″ x 17″ paper, which makes for easy and cost effective printing.

No.  Digital maps purchased from OffTheGridMaps are licensed for personal use only.  If you are interested in selling or distributing our maps, please contact us.

Looking for a digital map instead? We have those, too!

Smartphone Maps

YES!  This is one of the most popular features of OffTheGridMaps.  Most of our maps can be loaded directly onto your smartphone, and as an added bonus, they can also be GPS-enabled so you can pinpoint your location while your on your adventure.  GPS-enabled maps even work offline and places without without cell service!

OffTheGridMaps can be GPS-enabled through the 3rd party smartphone app, Avenza Maps.  While OffTheGridMaps is not affiliated with Avenza Maps, we think they have a great product and have chosen to integrate our maps with their application.

Avenza Maps™ is a mobile map app that allows you to download maps for offline use on your iOS, Android, and Windows  smartphone or tablet. Use your device’s built-in GPS to track your location on any map. Zoom in, zoom out, track your location, save points of interest, measure distance and area, and even share your trip highlights with friends.

It’s FREE to use for recreational use and turns OffTheGridMaps into fully interactive smartphone maps.  For more advanced features, including unlimited maps, you may want to consider a paid subscription (click for a feature comparison chart).

  • Standard version (FREE)
    • Free for personal and recreational use.  Comes packed with a ton of features.
    • Limited to 3 downloaded maps at a time.
  • Plus subscription (in-app purchase)
    • Unlocks the capability to import unlimited downloaded maps (recommended but not required).
    • Great for keeping all of your favorite maps on your phone at the same time.
  • Pro subscription

Need help with how to use Avenza Maps on your smartphone?

Getting Started with Avenza Maps

Below we have highlighted key articles that we think will help you get the most from Avenza Maps.  For additional help articles, we encourage you to visit Avenza Maps excellent online support page.

If you’re like us, you’ll want to keep all of your maps with you, all the time.  While the standard version of Avenza Maps is free for recreational (personal) use, it is also limited to storing 3 maps at a time.  To make room for a new map, you can either 1) delete a previously loaded map or 2) purchase an in-app subscription unlocking unlimited maps.  Personally, we love being able to load unlimited maps.

Always be sure to export your map features BEFORE deleting your map! When exporting your map features, we recommend the following settings:

  • Export format: KML
  • Send to:
    • “Email” (if sending to friends), or
    • “Device Storage” (if you want to import into a map already on your phone)
  • Media Size: “Small” (only relevant if you have pictures associated with pins)

HELP! My battery keeps dying. How can I make it last longer?

Tips for Extending Battery Life

When you head to the field, there are a number of techniques that you use to improve and extend the battery life of your smartphone.  Generally we can get about 6-8 hours of reasonable map use by following these guidelines:

  1. DO NOT put your phone into “battery saver” mode.  This may be counter-intuitive, but unfortunately, this also kills your GPS signal, so trying to record your GPS tracks when your phone is in this mode won’t work once the screen goes off.  So we just don’t recommend it.
  2. Shorten the screen timeout.  The number 1 drain on the battery is powering the screen.  Be sure to turn off your screen as soon as possible when you are done looking at it.
  3. Screen Brightness.  In addition to shortening the screen timeout, decreasing your phone’s brightness can extend the life of your battery dramatically.
  4. Airplane mode.  We recommend turning your phone to “Airplane Mode”, because it will cause your phone to stop searching for cell phone towers.
  5. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth.  Just like airplane mode, your phone is constantly searching for WiFi or Bluetooth connections.  By turning turn these services off, you’ll extend your battery life.
  6. Keep your phone warm.  Especially during winter weather, the cold is like an energy vampire.  Keeping your phone warm, preferably in an inside pocket near your body, can allow you to use your phone (and maps) longer.
  7. Keep it charged.  This one is really important, because you probably won’t have a charger handy.  We suggest two options:  A) taking an extra battery pack to the field is a great way to get a quick charger, and B) if you are driving from place to place, be sure to take your car charger and charge up anytime you’re in your rig.