Explore like a Local

Think back... What's the first kind of map you remember looking at?

We bet we know the answer... Every child dreams of finding buried pirate loot, and the key to finding it... a treasure map, of course!

Why do we love maps? 

When you spread a map out on your coffee table, you're invited to spend hours looking at every detail, reliving those childhood dreams of becoming an explorer.  There's no zooming in or zooming out (unless you're using a magnifying glass)... all the details are right there for you to see.  And if done properly, your map will highlight the places and activities you are interested in.

So what's changed???

1) Most online maps are too generic to be useful.  2) Small screens focus our view of the world to the area immediately around us.  3) With GPS navigation we often choose to take the "fastest route" to our destination, and that means we've largely stopped exploring.

Imagine all the amazing discoveries that would have missed if history's greatest explorers like Ferdinand Magellan, Marco Polo, or Lewis & Clark had simply followed a GPS?  In the famous words of Ferris Bueller "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Next time you visit Montana, get out and Explore like a Local with OffTheGridMaps!

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OffTheGridMaps are both printable and smartphone compatible.  Your only decision is how to use them.

Whether you're fly-fishing, hunting, hiking, biking or skiing in the backcountry of Montana, OffTheGridMaps has a high-resolution, hyper-local map that shows detailed, activity-specific points of interest you need for your next outdoor adventure.

Want the best of both worlds?  Take both the paper and smartphone companion map with you.  There's no extra cost!

Need a custom map for your businesses and event?  We also create branded and logo'd maps for organizations of all sizes.

Who Are We?

OffTheGridMaps is a Montana-based map design company.

While OffTheGridMaps might not be a household name (yet!), try them and we think you'll find that we have some of the best Outdoor Recreation maps for the state of Montana.  Our maps are designed by locals, for locals, and we've spent countless hours collecting the best available information for all your outdoor adventures.  If you find something wrong or missing, let us know and we'll get it fixed for future maps.

In addition to our maps in the Map Store, we work with local retailers and events to design one-of-a-kind, branded maps that "tells the story" you want to share with your customers, and highlights key points of interest for of the activities they want to know more about.

Our branded and logo'd maps are specifically designed for each business partner, making them great sales and marketing tools because they:

  • Prominently feature your company name, logo, and contact information (like address, phone, email, website).
  • Show the key points of interest your customers need to know about for their upcoming adventure.
  • Are zoomed into your specific area of interest, giving you the highest level of detail possible.

Are you an Outdoor Industry Professional? Have we got a deal for you!

Our Customers

OffTheGridMaps is proud of our ongoing partnerships with so many amazing local businesses and events.  Please support our business partners by visit their websites or by stopping in their shop/event to get a copy of their latest maps.